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Some of our partners:

For HR & CSR

Tap into Tucson's incredible restaurant scene to:

  1. Drive workplace culture initiatives

  2. Welcome new employees and reward high performers

  3. Increase community engagement

  4. Enhance the impact of CSR efforts

Allow us to create a customized package for you, indcluding:

  • Exclusive Tucson Foodie Insider Memberships: Ideal for welcoming new employees to Tucson and recognizing outstanding performance, these memberships connect your team with the local food scene. Checkout Foodie Insiders here.

  • Access to Tucson Foodie's Concierge Service: Simplify planning team dinners, educational lunches, unique culinary experiences, major conferences, and more with our expert assistance.

  • Recognition as a Community Partner: Elevate your brand with acknowledgment on Tucson Foodie's website, social media channels, and emails, reaching over 500,000 people monthly.

  • Complimentary VIP Experiences at Tucson Foodie Events: Enjoy exclusive tickets or VIP areas for your team at our renowned events, including the monthly R&D dinner series, Sonoran Restaurant Week, Tucson Craft Beer Crawl, Vegan Night Market, Cinco De Mayo celebrations, and more.

  • Instant Access to Gift Cards from Over 100 Top Tucson Restaurants: Perfect for client gifts, employee incentives, and fundraising efforts.

  • Exclusive 'Taste of Tucson' Event at Your Office: Let us bring the flavors of Tucson directly to you with a mini-event featuring local chefs right at your workplace.

For corporations and organizations of any size.

A few of our partners:

Need help selling tickets?

We got you.

Option 1: Tap into the Tucson Foodie megaphone (paid option) 📣

Over 40,000 people read Tucson Foodie every week. Our reach on Instagram has skyrocketed to >400,000 people every week. Our newsletter goes out to 35,000 people every Wednesday with a killer 42% open rate.Let our team will put together a campaign that taps all our different channels to drive ticket sales, increase word-of-mouth buzz and leave you (and your sponsors) feeling great.Pricing ranges from $250-$1,500.

"Thank you for such an amazing piece of journalism. I am extremely pleased with the festival and amazingly happy with your overall coverage. I am now even more appreciative of your work, so thank you again!" - Todd Hanley, Agave Heritage Festival. May, 2023

Option 2: Make your event go viral (free option)

The members of our Insiders club are always hungry for new experiences. They love food, wine, culture, art, music and much more.Make them feel special with access to pre-sale tickets, a special discount, or a complimentary upgrade.We'll invite them via text, email and push notifications via the Tucson Foodie mobile app.You can sit back and watch the ticket sales roll in when they not only buy a ticket to your event, but invite their friends to join.

Option 3: List your event for free

Adding your event to the Tucson Foodie event calendar is always free. 🙌

Looking for a new way to drive business this year?

Tap into the foodies.

Why market to foodies?

Niche marketing is powerful and Foodies make great customers. They love supporting local. They've got money to spend. And they love spreading the word about things they love.

Tucson Foodie's reach as of May 2024:


  • Impressions = 2.7-5M

  • Unique visitors = 160k-250k/month

  • Page views = 300k-800k/month

  • Engagement time = 1 min


  • Social media reach: 500k+/month

  • Social media followers: 200k+

Newsletter (goes out every Wednesday)

  • 32,000+

  • 42% open rate

  • 10% click rate

Insiders Club

  • Tucson Foodie Insider club members: 1,000+

  • Local restaurant partners: 100+

Events & Festivals

  • Sonoran Restaurant Week (40,000 people, 100+ participating restaurants, annually in September)

  • Vegan Night Market (2,000-3,000 people each quarter: March, June, September, December)

  • Tucson Craft Beer Crawl (1,400 people, annually in March)

  • R&D Dinner Series (60-100 people, monthly)

  • Tasting Mixers (50-200 people, monthly)

Menu & Pricing:

Instagram reel$600
Run-of-site web ads$500/month
Newsletter ad$288 / $750 for 3 weeks
Sponsor an Interactive Guide$100-$500/month, depending on the Guide. See our Guides here.
Feature storyTucson Foodie does not do sponsored articles. Pitch your article idea or send press releases to matt@tucsonfoodie.com.
Event sponsorship or on-site activationsEmail shane@tucsonfoodie.com to discuss available opportunities.
PhotographyAsk matt@tucsonfoodie.com for a recommendation to a local photographer.
VideographyAsk matt@tucsonfoodie.com for a recommendation to a local videographer.

Become a Tucson Foodie Brand Partner

Let us create a package that includes a custom mix of items from the menu above, plus:

  • Industry exclusivity for the length of our agreement

  • Detailed monthly reporting

  • Proactive communication and support

Our reach may be big, but we're a small team. Feel free to reach Shane (Head Foodie) directly at 636-538-0326 or at shane@tucsonfoodie.com.

Case study:

Whiskey Del Bac's ads on tucsonfoodie.com have received 12,585,580 impressions (as of Jan 2024)

We ❤️ Local Restaurants

Our mission is to lift up and strengthen the local restaurant scene.

Option 1: Become a Tucson Foodie Restaurant Partner

  • No cash / all trade

  • Build relationships with 1,000+ dedicated foodies in Tucson

  • Direct line of communication with our Editorial and Social Media teams

  • Get highlighted in our interactive Best-Of Guides

  • Host an R&D dinner with your chef (and make $)

  • Host a mixer with our community

Option 2: Host an Insiders Mixer

What you give

Bites and drinks + a space for us to gather

What you get

  • A marketing package worth up to $2,000 from Tucson Foodie, including 1 Instagram reel (100k followers), run-of-site ads on tucsonfoodie.com for 1 month (200-300k unique visitors), and one ad in our newsletter (40k @ 42% open rate)

  • Increased Exposure: The event provides exposure to a targeted audience of Tucson Foodie members, creating awareness about your restaurant or event space among food enthusiasts.

  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Attendees may share their positive experience with your venue, leading to organic word-of-mouth marketing within the local foodie community.

  • Networking Opportunities: Hosting the mixer allows you to connect with our team of influencers, food bloggers, and local personalities, fostering valuable relationships within the culinary scene.

  • Social Media Coverage: Attendees will share their experience on social media platforms, generating organic social media content and further promoting your venue.

  • Community Engagement: Hosting local foodie events demonstrates your commitment to the community and helps build a positive image for your venue.

  • Increased Foot Traffic: A successful mixer can translate into increased foot traffic as attendees may visit your venue for regular dining or recommend it to friends and family.

Please watch this brief video about the Restaurant Partnership program from our Head Foodie, Shane. He lays everything out in under 2 minutes and answers most of the questions you probably have 🤝.

Great! What's next:

Give our team 2-3 business days to build your restaurant's profile in the app and configure your voucher(s).After that, you'll hear from Sam Jump, Tucson Foodie's Head of Partnerships, to confirm all details and select a launch date!Want to talk to Sam now? Book a 15 minute meeting.